CAPS for the Military

You are entering a village with your translator at your side, how well can you trust this person? Is this person reliable? Has this person been leveraged 

  1. against you and your team?
  2. You are on outpost in Afghanistan. You are approached by alleged "friendlies," how can you tell?
  3. You are on base with an ally, but his behavior appears different. How can you tell whether this person is being leveraged against you?
  4. With an average of 22 suicides per day in the Military, is there a way to identify someone on the path to suicide or worst yet, murder suicide!

"Insider Threats" and soldier-"suicides" are a constant problem for the Military throughout deployments around the world. You can use this Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) Mobile App to reliably determine whether an alleged ally might become "someone on the path to violence" against you and your team.
Because these scientifically validated precursors use no mental health assessments, nor considerations of culture, gender, education, age or sexual orientation in its aggression assessment, thus this CAPS Mobile App does not violate, conflict, nor contravene, HIPAA, FERPA or the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and thus can be used anywhere on the globe.
You can have this one-of-a-kind tool that can identify, records, analyzes and recommends effective corresponding responses, all in the palm of your hand, with CAPS Mobile App for one year for the low price of just $49.95. Discounts are available for volume licenses.
Of course fix the video in CAPS Training. Please make all of these videos smaller so that the title and video can be seen on a typical computer monitor. This is the same for all videos.Under “Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) - Training Program Options” under the video and above the training options place a title “Training Program Options” then add another option tab titled “Customized Onsite Training” between “Introduction to the Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) – 3 Hour Webinar Training” and “CAPS Mobile App”.

To learn more about CAPS training for your organization / institution to prevent next mass shooting.

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