Did You Know That Our Military is Almost All "Right of Bang?" It's True! Learn How to Prevent "Insider Threats" and Military Suicides with Scientific Reliability, all in Just 4-Days!

Consider you have just been transferred from Stateside to Afghanistan. You have been there only one month, when you are assigned the lead on your first patrol. As the "tip of the spear," you are entering an Afghan village with your translator at your side . . .
  1. How well can you trust this translator?
  2. Is he reliable?
  3. Has he been leveraged against you and your team?
  • You are assigned to an outpost in Afghanistan. You are approached by presumed "friendlies!" They have the uniform of one of your allies, but ally uniforms are easy to come by. How can you be sure?  
  • You have just read about how a U.S. Army two-star general was murdered while visiting Afghanistan's military academy. He was shot in the back four times by a soldier with no history of suspicious behavior. You are on base outside Kabul with an ally, but his behavior appears different. How can you tell whether this person is being leveraged against you?
  • With an average of 22 suicides per day including Military and veterans, is there a way for us to identify someone on the path to suicide or worse yet, murder suicide?  Mental Health Assessments for future violence have proven unreliable. What is your alternative? 
  • "Insider Threats" by presumed friendlies and soldiers' suicides are a constant problem for our Military throughout deployments around the world, and post deployment suicides by veterans!

If you agree with me, join us for our Free Introduction to our scientifically reliable Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) and our fully functional CAPS Mobile app. We will explain how you can prevent that costly  "Moment of Commitment" and thus prevent assaultive behavior and violence in the first place.  You prevent a victim from becoming a victim and a perpetrator from becoming a perpetrator! Is there any better solution?  Follow this link to register for our next Free Introduction to CAPS.  If you need to read more, please continue reading . . .
  • Did you know that the Military are too often “Right of Bang?”  It’s true! Why is this so important to understand?
  • When an assailant decides to pull his weapon and start shooting -- the "Moment of Commitment" -- it takes two seconds before the first round is discharged. No Military Security, no matter how well trained or equipped, can reliably be on scene in just two seconds.
  • Sadly, after the horrific Moment of Commitment, all Military Security can do is follow Active Shooter Response Training and step over dead, dying and/or wounded victims to get to the shooter.  Have you had to respond to an active shooter? Were you forced to step over the dead, dying and/or wounded victims? What did you say to those who were injured; or those with post-traumatic stress disorder; and the families of those who lost their lives? Is this an acceptable outcome?
  • There is a better solution!  This solution is founded in science, but it is not for everyone!  You must step beyond current thinking and paradigms. Can you step out of your current paradigms and consider a new approach that is founded in science? Ref: Dr. Claire Good, Ph.D (below)
  • If you truly wish to prevent “Insider Threats” and Military suicides with Scientific Reliability, you must know the behavioral cues (precursors) that lead to assaultive/violent behavior and what to do to stop it. You must get out in front of that horrific Moment of Commitment!
  • Using techniques that the FBI and the Secret Service refer to as "identifying someone on the path to violence," the Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) and its CAPS Mobile App help you identify the aggression-precursors to violence and thus prevent the horrific Moment of Commitment. Although we all know that there is no absolute (100%) violence prevention, with the help of these aggression-precursors there is scientifically reliable violence prevention.
  • You can use this Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) Mobile App to reliably determine whether a presumed ally might become "someone on the path to violence" against you and your team.
  • Because these scientifically reliable precursors use no mental health assessments, nor considerations of culture, gender, education, age, or sexual orientation in its aggression assessment, the CAPS Mobile App does not violate, conflict, nor contravene, HIPAA, FERPA or the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and thus can be used anywhere on the globe.
  • You can have this one-of-a-kind tool that identifies, records, analyzes and recommends effective corresponding responses, all in the palm of your hand, with the CAPS Mobile App for one year for the low price of just $49.95. Discounts are available for volume licenses.
  • These same aggression-precursors also work to prevent conflict, bullying, abuse, harassment, assaultive behavior, destructive conflict, and loss of trust. Whether stateside or overseas, aggressive behavior permeates our Military world, and only the Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) and its CAPS Mobile App offers an unbiased scientifically reliable way to prevent it from occurring. Ref: Dr. Claire Good, Ph.D (below)
  • John D. Byrnes, D.Hum., Founder and CEO of the Center for Aggression Management, Inc., has spent the past 27 years developing the only scientifically reliable violence prevention system, the Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) and their fully functional CAPS Mobile App. Learn these scientifically reliable behavioral cues (precursors) and get certified to teach these skills to others in just 4-days in our Ambassadors' (train-the-trainer) Workshop!
  • Dr. Byrnes has trained thousands of participants in Fortune 500 Companies, as well as representatives from over 150 college and university campuses. He has spoken at dozens of professional conferences and trained many in governmental agencies across the United States.  For a more complete list of clients review: https://www.aggressionmanagement.com/client_list.php
  • With the Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) and its CAPS Mobile App, you can prevent violence in a way that will demonstrate to Commanding Officers and Government Officials that you are justifying appropriations and training commitments with unbiased, evidence-based Best Practices. 
  • As we all begin our journey out from under COVID, what will your journey look like? Are you ready for a new start founded in science?

There is no other method that is as comprehensively “Left of Bang” with the scientific reliability that the Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) has, along with its fully functional tool, the CAPS Mobile App. Select the CAPS Mobile App purchase button for only $49.95!
  • Assaultive/violent behavior stunts personal growth, damages morale, diminishes productivity at work, damages family unity, and hinders learning in our schools. Once most people in schools, workplaces, and/or neighborhoods recognize that assaultive/violent behavior is taking place, it has already been happening undetected for quite some time. Although many have dedicated themselves to preventing assaultive/violent behavior, in reality, all that most can do is try to stop assaultive/violent behavior once they see it in progress. Unfortunately, by the time they notice, severe damage already may have been done.
  • Dr. Claire Good, Ph.D, Interim Vice President for Student Affairs, Dean of Students, and Chair of the Student Assistance & Intervention Team (SAIT) at Eastern Kentucky University, used CAPS to achieve scientific reliable violence prevention on her campuses. This statement validates scientific reliability:
"Now that we have had your Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) in place for two years, we have been very pleased with its utility. The CAPS Meter of Emerging Aggression has produced evaluations and results consistent with the observations of those on our Student Assistance & Intervention Team (SAIT), as we work at tracking students on our campus who are behaving in ways that concern faculty, staff or others in the campus community."
  • If you truly wish to prevent assaultive/violent behavior, you must understand and learn the behavioral cues (precursors) that lead to assaultive/violent behavior and you must know what to do to stop that behavior. All of this can be found in the CAPS Mobile App. To learn more about the CAPS Mobile App and how to acquire it, look at the videos on the right of this page. Select the CAPS Mobile App purchase button for only $49.95!
  • Imagine a workplace, school, neighborhood, or family unit free from violence, bullying, abuse, harassment, conflict and/or discrimination! It really is possible! Although there is no absolute (100%) prevention, there is scientifically reliable prevention and only our Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) and our fully functional CAPS Mobile App can deliver this scientifically reliable prevention. Select the CAPS Mobile App purchase button for only $49.95!

Don't miss out, learn how to Master "Left of Bang!"  Learn these scientifically reliable behavioral cues and get certified to teach these skills in just 4-days in our Ambassadors' Workshop!

  • Retailing at only $49.95 annually, take advantage of our first year 25% price reduction (PromoCode: “NewYearOffer25” = $37.46) over the next 30 days for our CAPS Mobile App! Try the CAPS Mobile App for 30 days. If you don't like it, get a full refund, Guaranteed
  • Retailing at only $595.00, our 2-day Webinar-based Certified Aggression Managers’ Workshop (No Travel or Lodging Expenses) also takes advantage of our 25% price reduction ($446.25) over the next 30 days, plus your first annual subscription to CAPS Mobile App is included for free! The Certified Aggression Managers Workshop is intended to provide in-house utility, without the cost of travel and lodging. Upon successful completion of this two-day training, participants receive Aggression Managers Certification.  
  •  Retailing at only $995.00, our 4-day Webinar-based Ambassadors’ (train-the-trainers) Workshop (No Travel or Lodging Expenses) also takes advantage of our 25% price reduction ($746.25) over the next 30 days, plus your first annual subscription to CAPS Mobile App is included for free! This Ambassadors (train-the-trainers) Workshop provides an in-house training capability for your organization, and/or your commercial application for consultants. Prospective trainers take the two-day workshop and then have two more days of intensive training and exercises including practice teaching and assessment. Upon successful completion of the four-day training, participants receive Center for Aggression Management Ambassador (C.A.M.A.) certified trainer credentials.
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