Publications and Media Involvement

The Center for Aggression Management's founder, John D. Byrnes has authored Before Conflict, Preventing Aggressive Behavior. as well as, the publications listed below.

In addition, Mr. Byrnes has been frequently quoted in articles that have appeared in national, regional, and local news publications across the US.

He has been interviewed numerous times on radio and TV programs regarding the role of Aggression Management in preventing violence in our workplaces, schools, campuses and other facets of our society.

Publications Authored by John D. Byrnes

  • Training May Help Prevent Tragedies
    Business Insurance

  • Draining Away Aggression: Use the Same Techniques Law Officers Use to Keep Cool under Fire
    Safety Check - Rodale Press

  • Training is Key to Averting Workplace Violence
    Employee Services Management

  • Dealing with Hostile People: Dos and Donts
    Safety Check - Rodale Press

  • Safe or Sorry? Dont Overlook Warning Signs of Workplace Aggression
    Professional Safety

  • Dealing with Hostile People
    Your Best - Rodale Press

  • Recognizing Mounting Anxiety: In Extreme Situations, A Life May Depend On It
    Workplace Violence Prevention Reporter

  • Aggression: The Early-Warning Signs
    Safety Check - Rodale Press

  • How to Plan for a Safe Escape
    Safety Check - Rodale Press

  • Aggression Management
    Risk Review

Media Participation

  • Wall Street Journal

  • The Gazette, Montreal, Canada

  • USA Today (Campus Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) is featured

  • Wired News

  • Global Energy Business

  • Chicago Tribune

  •, The Human Internet

  • Los Angeles Times

  • NewsNet5

  • Associated Press (AP)

  • Denver Post

  • Business Insurance Magazine

  • Rocky Mountain News

  • Safety+Health (National Safety Council)

  • Federal Times

  • Professional Safety (ASSE)

  • The Atlanta Journal; Washington Office

  • Risk Management Magazine (RIMS)

  • The Synergist; Long-Term Care Administrator - Published by American

  • HRMagazine (SHRM

  • College of Health Care Administrators

  • Legal Management, the Journal of the Association of Legal

  • Safety Check - Published by Rodale Press

  • CONTROLLER Magazine

  • Florida Society for Healthcare Risk Management - an affiliate of the Florida Hospital Association

  • Public Risk Magazine (PRIMA)

  • Global Television Network-Quebec, Canada

  • American Health Consultants

  • WCPX-TV Channel 6

  • Hospital Employee Health Magazine

  • WESH-TV Floridas 2 NBC

  • The Law Enforcement Trainer (ASLET)

  • WOFL Fox35-TV

  • Journal of Emergency Management

  • The Wall Street Journal Radio Network: Work & Family

  • InSights (The Aon Risk Services Risk Management and Insurance Review)

  • WOMX-FM Radio 105.1

  • Reuters Wire Service

  • WCFB-FM Radio Star 94.5


  • WHTQ Radio 96.5

  • WHOO Radio 990

  • WDBO-AM Radio 580

  • Knight Ridder Newspapers

  • WWKA-FM Radio K92

  • Workplace Violence Prevention Reporter - James Publishing

  • WTKS-FM Real Radio 104.1

  • TODAY, Gannett Suburban Newspapers

  • WLOQ-FM Radio 103.1

  • Black Enterprise Magazine

  • News Talk Television - Gannett Co. Inc.

  • The Cincinnati Enquirer

  • Radio KRRF Denver, 1280 Ralph

  • South Florida Sun-Sentinel

  • CBS New Radio

  • Yomiuri Shimbun

  • WMAL, ABC affiliate in Washington, DC

  • The Orlando Sentinel

  • St. Petersburg Times

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