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The Center for Aggression Management provides systems and training that utilize scientifically validated means for preventing bullying, harassment, abuse and violence in todays complex workplace, campus, and school environments. Since its founding in 1993, dozens of companies and educational institutions have successfully used the Center’s programs to make their many locations safer for students, employees, members and guests.

The Center was originally established in response to a request from law enforcement leaders for more effective, lower impact methods for confronting aggressors and de-escalating aggression. Research and training in those areas brought its founder, John D. Byrnes, D.Hum, to the realization that workplace, campus and school violence could be prevented by applying methods developed for managing aggression.

The Center’s initial application of methods for managing aggression was a reliable and definable use of common language to identify and describe aggressive behavior. Called the Primal and Cognitive Aggression Continua, this method identifies the precursors to bullying, harassment, abuse, discrimination, conflict, and violence making it possible to prevent these harmful behaviors.          

In 2013 the Center for Aggression Management developed the Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS), which includes the Primal and Cognitive Aggression Continua, and scientifically validated it at Eastern Kentucky University. The CAPS system utilizes a proprietary web-based software, the Meter of Emerging Aggression (MEA), to forensically record and longitudinally track aggressive behavior. This evidence-based approach has set the industry standard in terms of best practices. Because the MEA uses no mental health, culture, gender, education, age or sexual orientation in its aggression assessment, it does not conflict, nor contravene, HIPAA or Privacy regulations.

As part of the center’s continuing effort to make its programs more effective and accessible, the Center for Aggression Management has built the CAPS Mobile App. This app is just the latest development in the center’s efforts to help you, and those in your care, become as safe as possible.

To learn more about CAPS training for your organization / institution to prevent next mass shooting.

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