What can the Commercial CAPS Mobile App do for you?

    1. Helps you prevent in a reliable way, violence, bullying, abuse, harassment, discrimination and conflict
    2. Forensically records and longitudinally tracks aggressive behavior without violating privacy regulations, such as HIPAA, FERPA in Schools, Civil Rights Act of 1964
    3. Displays the Level of Aggression (from a baseline through 9th Stage Aggressors)
    4. Displays the Threat Level and thus the sense of urgency (Low/Moderate/High: So you won't be blindsided)
    5. Offers Recommended Responses based upon the level of Aggressive Behavior (This eliminates excessive force)
    6. Offers Emergency Procedures 
    7. Create PDFs to download/send/print cases
    8. Share cases with other Commercial CAPS Mobile Apps holders 
    9. You get a free 28-minute tutorial video with your Commercial CAPS Mobile App 

Commercial CAPS Mobile App is the Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) placed in the palm of your hand.

CAPS uses methods cited by the U.S. Secret Service and the FBI to identify, define, measure, and longitudinally track the precursors of aggressive behavior, i.e., body language, behavior and communication indicators. You can track the behavior that leads to aggression and prevent it before it becomes violent.

Because CAPS is a mobile app on your smart phone, you can capture information and enter it into CAPS in real time, wherever you are. You no longer have to make a written report that later must be entered into a computer. The mobile app saves time and prevents you from losing important details between the event and filing a report.  

In addition to preventing violent behavior, the Commercial CAPS Mobile App also reveals the precursors to bullying, harassment, abuse, discrimination and conflict. The app then prompts the user with on-the-spot best practice responses, known as diffusing techniques, which help prevent further escalation and threats of violence.

Most security methods react to aggressive behavior like bullying, harassment, abuse, discrimination and conflict after they already happen and cause harm to one person or another. The Commercial CAPS Mobile App has the only system that offers SCIENTIFICALLY RELIABLE PREVENTION of bullying, harassment, abuse, discrimination, conflict and violence.

Order the Commercial CAPS Mobile App today for $49.95 by clicking here. Discounts are available for volume licenses.

If you wish to learn more about our Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) and/or our Commercial CAPS Mobile App simply watch this video for a comprehensive understanding.

If you are interested in the institutional/organizational/corporate Commercial CAPS Mobile Apps with a Microsoft PC based CAPS Dashboard system, call 407-718-5637 or email us at   info@AggressionManagement.com.

Watch Our 8-Minute Commercial CAPS Mobile App Video!

To learn more about CAPS training for your organization / institution to prevent next mass shooting.

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