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Ambassadors' (Train-the-trainer) "Live" Webinar- Workshop

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LIke Randy Ryan (below), are you concerned that you are only reacting to incidents? Are you one of an increasing number of professionals who actually want to reliably prevent the next active shooting, or for that matter violence of any kind, bullying, verbal abuse and passive aggressive behavior? Many programs use the word "prevention" in their title but after closer examination, these programs are simply "reacting" faster. 

From the Moment of Committment (when an assailant decides to pull his or her weapon and start shooting) to when the first round is discharged, is just 2 seconds! Within 5 seconds there will be dead, dying and/or wounded victims. You can't react fast enough! you must get out in front of the horrific Moment of Committment!

Like Randy Ryan, learn how to reliably prevent the horrific Moment of Committment and thus the next workplace or school shooting. Using scientifically-validated methods, raise your plans/programs to the highest level of Evidence-based Best Practices!  Without "Evidence-based," how do you determine what is truth or false, what is working and what is not working!

J. Randy Ryan, District Manager at AlliedBarton Security explains: For years, I have presented Active Shooter and Workplace Violence seminars and Tabletop Exercises. I have always been troubled that we have talked mostly about the actions and aftermath. The Center for Aggression Management has put my mind at ease with the Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS). CAPS is the "ounce of prevention" that has been missing from the standard approach to workplace violence. The lives saved by using this approach could be countless.

The Ambassadors' Workshop prepares you to conduct our Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) Training: (software sold separately)

CAPS is not merely training, it is a system that produces empirical and forensic results demonstrating that you are doing everything possible to make your venues "as safe as possible", the highest form of Evidence-based Best Practices. The Ambassadors' Workshop is a webinar-based training so there is no need for travel and lodging expenses. Simply sit at your computer, anywhere in the world, with eye-to-eye contact with the Founder and CEO of the Center for Aggression Management, John D. Byrnes, as he takes you through a step by step process of learning how to foresee the precursors to violence maximizing your opportunity to reliably prevent violence!

This Ambassadors' (train-the-trainers) Webinar-workshop is intended to provide an in-house training capability, without the cost of travel and lodging expenses; we also offer a commercial application for consultants. Prospective Trainers take the two-day workshop and then have two more days of intensive training and exercises including practice-teaching and assessment. Upon successful completion of the 4-day training, participants receive Trainer Certification and Credentials (C.A.M.A.) from the Center for Aggression Management for as little as $1,995 (I have had a number of professionals tell me that my pricing is more than they can afford. I have decided to test the market and offer this workshop for only $995.00 per attendee through the end of the year). Once we receive full payment (credit cards are accepted), the complete package of information will be sent to you by email enabling you to begin your preparation for the workshop. 

Don't let another day go by without learning more about CAPS, call our office at 407-718-5637 or register on the form below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Other Training Options

Because these are "live" webinar workshops, you can attend one person at a time and there are no costs of travel, lodging and/or per diem. Corporate clients can request training at their facilities. Simply contact us at 407-718-5637. 

Introduction to CAPS (One-day)
$249.00 per person  (Discounts Available)
Certified Aggression Managers' Workshop (Two-Days)
$595.00 per person (Discounts Available)

Orlando, FL – John D. Byrnes, D.Hum, Founder and CEO of Center for Aggression Management proposes the most effective way to prevent incidents such as the Parkland shooting is not gun control or mental health profiling, but rather school boards like Parkland’s making an immediate commitment to creating a common language and process for threat detection and prevention.

In an article describing why mental health assessments are not reliable predictors of potential shooters, Dr. Byrnes references the Report to the President on Issues Raised by the Virginia Tech Tragedy. It was noted that most people who are violent do not have a mental illness, but those that are mentally ill are more typically victims of this behavior. Byrnes believes that the dialogue surrounding the Parkland shooting will be most effective when it shifts from mental health assessments or gun control as the solution, to more scientifically-validated and empirical solutions such as threat/aggression management and the creation of a common language and process for detecting and preventing this behavior.

In a study conducted as a collaboration between the US Secret Service, Dept of Education and the National Institute of Justice called the “Safe School Initiative Study”, it was found that the only “reliable” way to identify a future shooter was to identify someone “on the path to violence.” By implementing a process like the Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS), a common language and thorough process for assessing a potential threat and reaching someone trained to handle this threat are created. CAPS’s most important contribution is that it determines a person Stage (Level) of Aggression and thus the presumption of threat (Low, Moderate, High Threat Levels), which creates the sense of urgency that was missing from the 45 times that Nikolas Cruz was reported.

While many schools, college campuses, and workplaces have their own Behavior Intervention services in place, many of these programs operate based off of vague reports of “weird” or “menacing” behavior. This completely subjective language fails to effectively target the source of the problem. Byrnes believes that people need to be trained to effectively evaluate communication, body language and behavior in order to encourage a potential aggressor to seek help, or de-escalate the issue themselves.

To publish Byrnes’ article or schedule an interview with Byrnes please call Sarah Bishop with Crank Communications at 407-830-7312 (office) or 631-875-3712 (cell) or e-mail To learn more visit

About John D. Byrnes, D.Hum.

John D. Byrnes, D.Hum. is an author, lecturer, veteran (USS Nautilus 571) and founder of the Center for Aggression Management. Byrnes regularly speaks on Behavior Intervention at engagements such as being selected by the US Department of Labor to represent the United States at the Violence as a Workplace Risk Conference in Montreal, Canada. Byrnes was Keynote Speaker at the US Army's Special Operations Command, Terrorism Division at their Conference on Preventing Insider Threats, as well as, the first Protective Security Conference (ProSecCon). Byrnes authored the NaBITA Threat Assessment Tool, which is now being used by Behavior Intervention Teams in over 177 college and university campuses as well as developed the Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS). Byrnes has been interviewed as an expert by major news outlets such as FOX35, WESH, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and more.

About Center for Aggression Management

The Center for Aggression Management was founded by John D. Byrnes in 1993 to provide organizations with Aggression Management skills through training. The Center for Aggression Management developed the Primal and Cognitive Aggression Continua. All of the body language, behavior and communication indicators offer a reliable and definable method of assessing “aggressive behavior”. This identifies and ranks the precursors to bullying, harassment, abuse and violence in order to provide the opportunity to prevent such incidents. The center uses a mobile-based software product called the Meter of Emerging Aggression (MEA). Because the MEA uses no mental health, culture, gender, education, age, or sexual orientation in its aggression assessment, it does not conflict with HIPAA or Privacy regulations.

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