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How can you make your school safer?  A description of the problem and its solutions. Once you have read this white paper and have questions or comments, come join us on my blog for an open expression about aggression in schools, Aggression Management and its many applications and facets:

Read how you can make yourself
and your school safer?

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Many have asked, "How can I make our school campuses safer." There are three ways to make your campus safer by obtaining the knowledge of Aggression Management. 

The first is the least expensive; at a price of only $32.95 you could purchase Before Conflict, Preventing Aggressive Behavior  (there are discounts for quantity purchases);  truly a “how to” book on Aggression Management, which can be purchased on our web site at,_the_book.htm.

The second, is our Comprehensive Aggression Management Online Workshop, upon completion you receive a Certificate as an Certified Aggression Control Manager and 14 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) through the University of South Florida.  If you are professional who needs to acquire CEUs, this is inexpensive and an excellent choice.  You can access this by selecting online training.

The third and most comprehensive method of gaining a thorough understanding of Aggression Management Solutions and its many applications is to arrange a workshop held at your school district for selected individuals you deem to be appropriate.  For more information and to received a proposal contact us at 407-718-5637.

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