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There is no better Commentary about Aggression Management Skills!

See what others in the USPS have said:

The Central Plains District

Columbia District

Raleigh Processing & Distribution Center

Chicago Processing & Distribution Center

Madison Processing & Distribution Center

Atlanta Processing & Distribution Center

Dallas Bulk Mail Center

Memphis Bulk Mail Center

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The Central Plains District

Richard Vaske – Postal Inspection Service

"This course gave a very good overview of what aggression is and how to deal with it in the workplace. The presentation was to the point and easily understandable."

Jeanette Moser – Manager, Human Resources

"I am excited about helping to provide this training for our front line supervisors and our managers as I think it will provide some real tools for them to use."

Brent Ahrens – Plant Manager, Processing & Distribution

"I like best the logical progression established for handling potential situations. Good theory for basics."

Dennis Allen – Operations Manager, PDC

"This was a more in-depth look at what could happen as well as an appropriate response. Got rid of the feeling – It can’t happen to me!"

Carl Bouges – Plant Manager, PDC

"Excellent course to equip supervisors with techniques to diffuse violence in the workplace."

Vicki Clancy – MDO, PDC

"I gained some confidence that instead of freezing up in an aggressive confrontation, I will have some tools imbedded to draw upon for strength and confidence."

Shirley Crane – Post Master, Acting

"We continue to see more aggression in the workplace. I see this course preparing our managers and supervisors to recognize problems ‘early’ and deal with them effectively."

Douglas Emery – Manager, Post Office Operations

" I now feel I would be more comfortable and would have a better chance of identifying and defusing such situations. I also feel I now have techniques to go back and share with my employees."

Ellen Fischman – Senior, Safety & Health Specialist

"Even those who don’t accept the reality of potential aggression or violence in the workplace can agree on the validity of advance knowledge and training on the subject..."

Edward Goforth – Manager, Post Office Operations

"I like best the practicing techniques so as to reinforce knowledge. A lot of content for the time frame."

Sam Gonzales – Post Master

"The Cycle Breathing will be helpful."

David Hayek – SMDO, Acting

"I liked best how to read body language. It was new to me."

Mark Kerschen – Manager, Post Office Operations

"A lot of material that’s good, but is going to be hard to retain as time goes on, unless you use it."

Roy Martin – Post Master

"I liked best the role playing. This gave me an opportunity to try new methods of resolving differences."

Howard Nissen – Post Master

"I liked best the verbal persuasion. Good tools for life, not just business or work environment."

Robert Oleson – Plant Manager

"I liked the total presentation. It seemed to move quickly and thoroughly."

Larry Pilgrim – Manager, Post Office Operations, Acting

"I liked best the Verbal Persuasion, it gave you the learning skills and tools to deal with an aggressor."

Mark Stickrod – Manager, Air Mail Facility, Acting

"Treat everyone with respect, because at some point in your life the shoe could be on the other foot."

Dan Taylor – Manager, Post Office Operations, Acting

"Hopefully you have only touched a small part of this organization and there will be a continuation of this training in the district. It reinforced many of the values that I already have and use each day along with opening my eyes to additional values that could keep me out of harms way."

Ann Tholen – Occupation Health Nurse Administrator

"This Course was very professional and concise. I feel I gained a great deal of insight in dealing with the aggressor type individual. I am anxious to share it with co-workers."

Steven Todd – Manager, Post Office Operations, Acting

"A good refresher training. If offered many techniques to help individuals."

Stephen Vail – Manager, Customer Service Operations

"This Course taught me how to deal with my own aggression as well as to be able to identify an aggressive person."

Susan Wallace – Post Master

"It emphasized my responsibility in dealing respectfully with employees and it made me aware that my actions can keep a conflict from escalating"

Jimmy Wolf – Manager, District Operations

"Everything was useful and will be a benefit in both lower levels of escalation and in a real crisis."

Lyle Dunning - Postmaster

"All parts of the course proved to be interesting to me. ‘Being Prepared & ‘Verbal Persuasion’ will help me in my work"

Carol Ballard - Senior Investigator

"I liked best the part on Body Language. We interview people every day and can benefit from this."

Samuel Santiago - Senior Investigator

"The whole course was excellent because it covered the full spectrum of situations and how we can react to each."

Frank Keyser - Investigation Specialist

"I liked the Verbal Persuasion/Safe Escape - Most practical and pertinent to my position."

Rondal Carter - Senior Investigator

"I liked all of it. Interesting and hopefully helpful. All points well made. Started me thinking."

Ricardo Perez - Investigator

"In my opinion this course covers all subjects. It was useful to me. I learned how to manage conflict in the workplace. In addition, it helped to recognize situations that could save my life."

Stephen Fuller - Senior Investigator

"Identifying and managing Troublesome Personalities reminded me that common sense should always be used. Also, I liked Reading Body Language."

Jan Cruz - Admin. Support Assistant

"I did not realize all the different types of aggressors there are. Actually gave me the tools to deal with any type of aggression or aggressor. I learned many things today. Excellent presentation."

Don Castner - Senior Investigator

I thought all of the course was very good and helpful for our work. This course may save my life. I believe it will give me better people skills when working with individuals."

Michael Connors - Investigator

"It gave me the tools to deal with an aggressive person and also will help in the technique of interviewing. Pacing the aggressor showed me how to bring a person back to reality"

Robin Hamill - Secretary

"I liked the videos because they showed examples. I thought it was all very informative, taught me to look for ways to avoid confrontation."

Kent Permentier - Senior Investigator

"I didn’t realize that there were so many skills available. I will use the workbook as a refresher in future interviews. The Trainer was very knowledgeable and prepared."

Anthony Campo - Senior Investigator

"Verbal defense was very appropriate and applicable to our work situation. ‘Choosing the High Ground’ was helpful and practical."

O. Aldean Valentine - Investigation Specialist

"I liked best The Art of Verbal Persuasion" because we, as investigators, are selling a service and we have to maintain calmness at all cost."

Page Eppele - Senior Investigator

"I liked the lecture. It helps to hear someone talk about the types and descriptions of aggression."

James Finn - Senior Investigator

"I liked the personal stories, they carried the point home. All ideas will be of great help. Very well presented."

Harry Dawson - Senior Investigator

"I liked the book and video. Communication techniques both verbal and non verbal will help in my work."

William Groce - Senior Investigator

"I liked Pacing the Aggressor. Learned techniques to gain control of the aggressor. This course is the best option available for personal protection and defusing aggression."

John Kinsella - Eastern Regional Director

"Helps us address personal safety issues in an age of greater risk and uncertainty."

Jim Odle - Senior Investigator

" The course was very educational and helped me understand aggressive behavior and how to survive in a violent situation ."

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Columbia District

Betty Dreher - Mgr. Transportation Networks

"The content was very fitting. This course will help me become a better and more successful manager."

Deborah Goldsmith - Mgr. Maintenance

"There was not one part I did not like. The course will help me in dealing with aggression more effectively."

Charles Coble - Mgr. Post Office Ops.

" Thought provoking. Managers need to focus more thought on aggression possibility and control in today’s work environment."

Charles Bush - President, SC APWV

"I liked all of it."

Jesse Sandon - SC State Assoc Letter Carrier

"Excellent delivery. Skills and Techniques. Very timely."

Derrol Shuford - Mgr. In Plant Support

"Informative and can be life saving. The escape techniques were real world."

Fran Hilton - SDO

"Course shows how to deal with peers and subordinates. The ‘Reframing’ and ‘Cycle Breathing’ are good."

Ray De Masters - Mgr. Administrative Services

"On time, clear, concise and to the point. What will help me? Cycle Breathing and being aware of the situations around me."

Emma Oliver - Plant Manager

"I enjoyed all the course. What will help me? ‘The Unmagnificent Seven’ and the Things You Should NOT Say To An Aggressor."

Bill Metcalf - Mgr. Maintenance Operations

"I liked the references to real events, and identifying which of the 3 stages of crisis an employee is in."

Lanny Carnes - Manager AMF

"I found the entire course very informational and instructive. The Trainer was very patient."

Hank Hingleton, Jr. - Mail Handlers Union

"I liked best ‘Understanding Persuasion’. Direct

Persuasion (yourself), Indirect Persuasion (others) and No Persuasion (history)! Learning Body Language will help me"

Windell Rodgers - Mgr. District Ops. (Acting Plant Mgr.)

"I liked best Identifying the different types of Aggressive Behavior. Helpful ideas for diffusing aggressive behavior and how we can work together as a team to be more productive."

Steve Glinski - Sr. Manager, P.O.Operations

"I liked best the videos - showed realistic situations."

Rebecca Freeman - Sr. Personnel Services Specialist

"Pacing the Aggressor will be helpful. Two days would be great!"

John Beasley - State Steward SCRLCA

"I liked all of it. Body Language will be helpful. Very informative."

Delsenia Murchison - Senior Training Specialist

"Excellent course presentation. Too short. I liked best Identifying and Managing Troublesome Personalities and the techniques on How to Pace the Aggressor.

Francis Berger - MDO

"I liked best How to talk to an Aggressor. The team concept will be helpful in my work."

John Fry - Sr. Labor Relations Specialist

"Nothing that was taught was revolutionary but it was the first time I have heard it all put together."

Carol Williams - DAS

"Each element was great . How to control the situation will be most helpful."

Sharon Chappell - MDO

"A new way to deal with aggression."

Ronald Vincent - Letter Carrier

" The Verbal Persuasion portion has given me more leverage to deal with people."

Willie Sims - Mail Handler

" The course was presented well. It will help me in understanding myself and other people."

Robert Edwards - Letter Carrier

"It will help me in my day to day life meeting with carriers and managers."

A. V. Powell - MDO (A)

" This was one of the best courses I have been offered in quite some time. I enjoyed it all."

Debra Fleming - H.R. Specialist

"I liked all the course. Personal growth to handle difficult situations in a professional manner."

Dan Judge - Postmaster

"It was good and informative. I liked all of it."

Melvin Kenion - American Postal Workers Union

"All the subject matter was important."

Sandra Harrison - Sr. EEO Specialist

"Very "Eye Opening" and conscious raising in terms of recognizing and responding to aggression."

Leroy Jordan - MDO

"I liked the entire course. Addressing aggression in my job is very important. This course means the difference in being a successful manager and an unsuccessful manager."

Thomas Daniels - MDO, Relief Acting

"I liked the films, they were straight and to the point, all real situations. This course could save my life one day."

Harley Spalding - MDO

"An excellent course to aid managers. I liked best the methods used for identifying aggressors because it gave me tools that can be utilized."

William Pugh - Op. Mgr. AMF

"It has opened my eyes to many options. It brought much needed-to-know information. Long overdue. Very good course."

Maurice Shefton - Mail Handler

" What will help me best? The Universal Approach to the Unmagnificent Seven, Steps to Verbal Persuasion, and Solo Intervention. The Safe Escape portion was most demonstrative."

Judy Herring - Postmaster

"The Presenter was very skilled, covered the subject very thoroughly. New tools to use."

Sylvia Williams - H.R. Specialist

" I liked the entire course. Excellent techniques for preparing and being safe. I will definitely use cycle breathing. All ideas will help me especially the reframing and paraphrasing techniques."

Ed Martin - Vice-President NALC Br 233

" Most informative and can be applied everywhere."

Patricia Bradshaw - Injury Comp. Specialist

"This is the best vocational training I have ever attended. I believe that focusing on the controlled breathing will help me to remain calm on the inside in all aspects of my life."

Darcus Gordon - Intervention Analyst

"Excellent presentation - gave nuts and bolts on dealing with aggression personally and professionally."

Gary Littlefield - MDO

"I liked best "I have an S on my chest, I am Solution Man. I am not part of the Problem, I am only part of the Solution". I would like to be a Certified Trainer!"

Doyle Moore Jr. - SDO

"The idea that will help me best is working together as a team to be more productive."

Blease Simons, Jr. - AVP Mail Handler

"The whole course was very interesting and informative."

Ronald Vincent - Letter Carrier

" The Verbal Persuasion portion has given me more leverage to deal with people."

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Raleigh Processing & Distribution Center

David N. Humphrey III - MDO

"This will enable me to look at situations where aggression could be a factor and take hold of the situation. Being able to recognize aggression before it takes place and diffuse potentially dangerous situations. Well planned course. Very interesting."

James Sellers - MDO

" The course affords me the skills to avert possible injury from aggressors that I did not possess prior to this training. The acquired skills to confront aggressors will be helpful. I liked the lecture. The Trainer appeared to have a thorough understanding of the subject."

Lois Barbour - Postmaster

"As a 25 year employee, I can see the need for this training and consider it extremely important."

Youlanda Johnson - Supervisor, Customer Services

"This course has allowed me to put in place and implement proper skills for office and personal improvement. I liked best ‘Identifying and Managing Troublesome Personalities’. This was very interesting, I feel I have information to turn to for problems in the office."

Valerie White - Associate Supervisor Program

"It enlightened me to the fact that there are ways for women to protect themselves even though we are the weaker gender. It showed me that women can control their environment effectively. I liked best ‘Be Prepared’.....because if you prepare yourself properly you may not have to address ‘Verbal Persuasion’ or ‘Safe Escape’!"

Leslie Mercer - SDO

"The ‘Verbal Persuasion’ skills will help me because I feel that I could now talk anyone out of making a bad decision.."

Paul Stokes - Manager, District Operations

"This course meant a lot to me, it will help me very much at my work place. I liked best the Role Play - it actually lets you understand what it is like being in a particular situation. Persuasion techniques will be helpful"

Joletha Neal - SDO

"This course helped me understand that managers need to be prepared and skilled to diffuse problems. I liked best ‘Pacing the Aggressor’ and ‘Understanding Body Language’; also the section on ‘Non Verbal Aggression’, and learning how to deal with it."

Willie Bond - Supervisor, Customer Services

"This course has given me a foundation from which to build and grow. I liked best ‘The Unmagnificent Seven’ because it covered all behaviors."

Deanna Garner - Associate Supervisor

"I liked the whole course. Learned a lot of information that I didn’t know. I liked the Role Play, the Cycle Breathing and learning about Safe Escape. Ideas on office furniture arrangement and deciphering body language will be most helpful."

Audrey Stanfield - SDO

"This is an excellent course and taught to the fullest extent of helping anyone deal with aggression. Everything I learned and was exposed to will help me."

Howard Sutherland - Postmaster

"I found all aspects very interesting. Being prepared to identify and address an aggressor at the earliest possible time. Very much needed for new managers in their first six months of their promotion. Well thought out and presented effectively. Enjoyed it tremendously."

Phil Burns - Manager, Distribution Operations

" I am walking away from this course with a totally new look at how I will address issues at work, informing my boss of items of concern that could possibly affect every department within our facility."

Roy Dickerson - SMO

" Very informative. There is no doubt that I will be using these skills. The whole course was excellent - a better understanding of aggression and learning of new techniques on how to handle an aggressive individual."

James Lane - Assistant MDO

"The break every hour helped people to keep focused on the material. The information was good and I can see myself using it in the work place. I liked best ‘Identifying and Managing Troublesome Personalities’. The course was well taught."

Roger Fuller - Associate Supervisor

"It is an eye-opening experience. I have always been one of those people who could easily intervene in a situation. Now I have some idea of the reasons and abilities I had before, and I know how to improve them."

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Chicago Processing &Distribution Center

Craig Howard - SDO

"Just by taking this course I feel much more confident and knowledgeable about handling possible aggression in the workplace. While I may have used some of the techniques without knowing it, this course gives you a step-by-step guideline to follow but still provides you the option of personalizing it."

Allan R. Baldwin - EWIA

"Very useful, effective and necessary not only in the Postal Service, but in today’s society."

Roy A. Jones, Jr. - Acting HR Specialist

"The video sessions simulated live demonstrations of the course’s objectives and it’s goals. The manual serves as a great reference tool for future use."

Fernando Velez - Transportation

"The course, I can say, is good for people who get stressed very easily and need to learn how to get control."

Joyce Sinquefield - Dist. Ops. Support Specialist

"Just in time! A realistic approach for the ‘Average Joe’ in the workplace - although the principles may be used anywhere."

Barbara Holman - Tour Supt.

"Learning what body language expresses will help me understand my clerical staff along with my supervisor’s staff."

Arlander Wade - Supervisor, Transportation

"The course brought to light how an Aggression Management Trainer can pass on valuable information which may reach a potentially violent person and help to change their views."

Frank Hill - Supervisor, Maintenance Ops.

" I recommend this course to all, no matter what occupation. This course, from the moment I arrived, altered some previous thoughts to a better understanding." .

Anthony Generette - SDO

The course was an experience. Whereas I have been in many confrontational environments, now I see where I was in danger and how I could have triggered the aggressor. I have more confidence now."

Oriana Northrip - SDO

"I know that I will be seeing everything in a different light. Identifying and managing troublesome personalities gave me an insight on what to look for, enabling me to be prepared."

Sonya Jacks - SDO

"The course identified, defined and gave effective solutions to confrontational situations. It was the most well-constructed course I have had.."

Lois Brothers-Wint - Special Projects Liaison

"The course enables you to really see ‘The Big Picture’ It also prepares you to change the scenes effectively and professionally. All the information was great!"

Dennis Jackson - Absence Control Supervisor

"I liked best Establishing the Reactionary Gap. It pointed out what I have been doing wrong and what I have been doing right."

Randy Payne - TTO

"I had the tools to stop a situation not to prevent one, now I do! (Deputy Sheriff for 8 years). I liked the Body Language part of the course. It’s easier to read a person’s gestures than his mind."

Katie M. Coffee - SDO

"The skills and tools provide numerous ways to diffuse an aggressor who’s about to explode. Cycle breathing will get me off to a good start."

Lucille Davis - Supervisor

"I learned how to categorize my aggressors, and this in turn will help me deal with situations a little better and be the solution to a problem and not add fire to a problem already flaming."

Deidre Avery - ASDO

"I liked best the videos and the role playing They allowed interaction and demonstrations"

Hatty Phillips - Associate Supervisor

"I loved the entire course ."

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Madison Processing &Distribution Center

Rod Lothe - Postmaster

" It not only gave me tools to use in the work place, but also tools to deal with upset customers and in my personal life."

Michael Aird - S, CS

"This course is a straightforward, realistic experience."

Dale Riechers - Alt. Steward

" I feel more secure in my ability to deal with work place violence."

Ellen K. Smith - Hilldale Union Steward

"The Aggression Continuum gave me the ability to see how people’s anxiety starts and how it continues to grow if left unaddressed."

Steve Loniello - Letter Carrier

"I liked best Pacing the Aggressor, because you’re telling the aggressor where you stand and that he/she has a choice. Both verbal and non-verbal persuasion will be helpful. Very informational."

Ed Borke - Postmaster

"I particularly liked the topic on reading Body Language. It could help to diffuse potentially aggressive situations."

Bob Kaspar - Letter Carrier/Steward/Branch Secretary

"Excellent pacing and repetition of elements to enhance retention. Use of video was quite good. I hope I am able to draw on this course when appropriate - the pacing and use of aids made it memorable."

Ron Fisk - Postmaster

"Another skill to use in my walk through this life. By understanding human behavior I can better understand myself. It was all interesting."

Bob Scheuerell - Postmaster

"Now I feel more like I know what to do when a situation presents itself. Enjoyed it all.’

Nancy O’Connell - Retail Supervisor

"I really learned a lot that I will be able to use in my new position. Change is always stressful and I can be more understanding as a result of this course."

Robert Vitense - Manager Trans/Net

"I liked the examples of situations - Real World; also, cycle breathing and the tools of persuasion. Be prepared through pre-incidents and react as a team as much as possible."

Paul Spellman - Customer Services

"Wonderful course that helped build and/or reaffirm skills."

Jane Spakowski - MH

"Exploring the different types of people (The Unmagnificent Seven) made me think more about how you need different ways to deal with different people. Helpful emphasis on team intervention and partner signals for trouble."

Paul Shiveler - P & D

"Very helpful. I became more aware of what I can do if this should happen to me."

Garold Shanrock - Steward

" I liked the activities - hands on. Cycle Breathing to remain calm will be helpful in my work."

Don Allen - MH Union AVP

"Great training in handling possibly hostile confrontations, as well as possible aggression in one’s own life."

Gene Smith - Customer Services


Jerry Deppish - Postmaster

"I liked best the Cycle Breathing - staying calm is essential.

Goldie Bristol - P & D

"Helpful ideas include Verbal Persuasion and Pacing. Going to where the aggressor is and bringing him along with you. I appreciate being able to recognize aggressive behavior and mannerisms in others - as well as being cognizant of those behaviors in myself."

Pollyanna Kaske - APWU

" Good ideas to look at people with a different perspective, and learn to communicate in hostile situations in a positive and constructive way."

Peter Leer - Steward/Safety Officer

"Provided me with knowledge of how to prevent not just deal with situations. Enjoyed the whole course."

Gordon Ranum - APWU

" I feel much better prepared to deal with those who I know have the propensity to act out aggression."

Robert Anderson - Supervisor, Distribution Ops.

" Pacing the Aggressor provided very real methods to control the situation. Real solutions to situations that we are able to manage. This course reminds us we are responsible for our actions and our inaction as well."

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Atlanta Processing &Distribution Center

Ronda Arnold - Supervisor

"This course incorporates many of my own beliefs on managing aggression PLUS equips you with alternative methods. It’s a great course!"

Alex Camp, Jr. - Mail Handler/Union Rep.

"The whole course was excellent. It helped me to gain better insight about my work when dealing with employees and management."

Elaine Glover - SDO

"Provided me with the skills that are necessary to deal with a workplace and a society that is becoming more hostile and aggressive. The role play helped reinforce the oral presentation."

Larry Foster - SDO

"I truly believe this class will benefit me personally as well as professionally. Cycle breathing helped me realize my own aggression and gain control."

Harry Slay - SDO

"I liked best ‘Verbal Persuasion’ - it gave me the skills and ammunition to use during a conflict. I will stay calm, use my head and seize control of the moment. ‘Cycle Breathing‘ really works ."

Foye Lee Hollingsworth - SDO

"Aggression Management can be used anywhere there are humans. Home, Church, Work. My skills were sharpened to help me be prepared for an aggressor. You covered the subject very well."

Melvin Lewis - SDO

"I liked how the course was presented. The Trainer gave everyone a chance to relate to the material. It will allow me to focus on some of the things I should have been doing."

Valerie Wiggs - SDO

"The course gave me the ability to go back on the workroom floor and communicate better. The ‘Verbal Persuasion’ techniques can be used to get the aggressor on your side through talking it out."

David Farnum - SDO

"It demonstrated how to effectively handle aggressive attitudes as well as physical aggression. I found the course very interesting.."

Richard Kay - SDO

"It’s all good!".

Willie Jones - SDO

"This course meant an awful lot to me, providing the insight on how to anticipate an aggressor. It gives you the proper approach to any given situation. All ideas can be integrated into my functional duties."

Earl Chapital,Jr. - Steward NPMHU

"It gave me important insight on behaviors and techniques. I liked the videos - they were very realistic."

Richard Henson - Supervisor

"This course offers me useful tools at work wherever a hostile situation occurs. It affords me the ability to address problems where I was unsure of what approaches and techniques to use. Excellent visual aids, excellent materials, excellent delivery and an excellent Trainer."

James McCoy - SDO

" I have had two instances where this course could have helped me handle the situations better than I did..

Beverly Hall - SDO

"I liked best ‘Role Play’. In role play you are able to demonstrate reality."

Sharon Golden - Supervisor (Acting)

"The hands-on examples gave me the opportunity to correct any flaws and feel comfortable in my ‘reactions’. The movie examples are great."

Jeffrey Parker - SDO

" Be Calm and Be Prepared. The course made me think, and better prepared me for aggressive situations. "

Elich Grant - APWV

" It gave me an opportunity to view situations from a different perspective than I have. Role play gave everyone a chance to get involved."

Debra Reid - SDO

" The course was superb. I learned the steps to take prior to becoming so enraged you cannot focus on the aggressor. I will be an Aggression Manager. These concepts can help me at home as well."

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Dallas Bulk Mail Center

Sue Starks - STO

"The Solo Intervention strategies provided useful last ditch avoidance and escape from possible physical harm."

Ray Demaske - SMO

"Addition of new skills to my Leader’s Toolbox."

Reuben Garcia - Q I Specialist

"I thought the course was very informative in all phases. Keep up the good work!"

Richard Larson - SMO

"Very professional - well put together. I liked the subject matter. I have never been exposed to this as directly as you presented it. Excellent."

Frank Holowinski - Mailhandler

"I liked it all. Each part was interesting from beginning to end."

Roy Willis - SDO

"I feel that this course has sharpened my mental skills and given me the confidence to apply these in the workforce if necessary."

E. Wilson - SDO

"Teach me to be an Trainer so I can spread the information! Very educational instruction and very knowledgeable Trainers."

Bennie Best - Manager, Plant Support

"This course has given me the confidence to deal with aggressors and understand that there is a way out , that we both can win. The class activities allowed us hands on and made the presentation relevant ."

Ramon Catuncan - OSS

"This course will not only help me at work but will also help my family. I will share with them what I have learned and practice the skills as often as possible.."

Alex Cantu - Clerk Union

"Speakers very effective and attention-holding. "

Freddie Evans - Safety Specialist

"I loved the exercises and getting everyone involved."

Tommy Samuels - MDO

"I liked all the course. Pacing the Aggressor will really help me."

Patricia Hill - Supervisor

"I liked the section of Being Prepared - the things to look for. This was an outstanding course."

Tony Propes - SDO

" Which ideas will best help me? Documenting, observing and isolating. Stay Alert, Stay Alive!"

Michele McIntyre - ASP Grad.

"The interaction of the Trainers, and the different techniques they used, made sure we had a good understanding of the topics, using real life instances as tools."

Ivory Haynes - Network Specialist

"It was all very informative, and anyone who asked a question got an answer. It allowed everyone to be involved."

Jesse Buckley - Clerk Union

"A person should be open to another person’s feelings & needs. Listen to their problem and seek to help them solve it."

Michael Watts - Supervisor

"It showed me that there are effective techniques to deal with hostility and aggressive behavior in the workplace."

Alicia Smith - CSO

"I liked participating as a team. ."

Donald Reed - SDO

" It increased my ability to recognize aggression and work with it."

Robert Wilks - SDO

"What a great training course, packed with lots and lots of information. A beautiful presentation via speech and graphics, with a mix of role playing. I am glad I was able to attend. This training has opened a whole new door, not just for work but for all phases of my life."

Jerrell Swift - Mailhandler

"Provided a high degree of insight into aggressive behavior."

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Memphis Bulk Mail Center

Abraham Galmore Jr. – Transportation Supervisor

"This course is one that is direly and greatly needed in the workplace and every day life. I am sure with the skills I have learned the last two days that I will be able to handle my job and life in a more professional manner. Thanks for your time and dedication."

Aubrey Grant – Vice President, Clerk ~ Craft

"As Vice President Clerk ~ Craft here in Memphis I am strongly requesting that all stewards and officers be taught the Aggression Management course."

Matthew Cummins – Labor Relations Specialist

"Provided me with the confidence to be an Aggression Manager and the ability to conduct myself professionally at all times."

Connie Denton – Labor Relations Representative

"Very interesting, very professional. I will be able to further my managerial skills already learned to combat aggressive employees in the workplace. I enjoyed the course."

Tina Scott – Mail Handler, Equipment Operator, Inbound Docks

"With this course I’ve learned skills that may help me to make my job safer for myself and others."

La Juana Collins – Distribution Clerk

"You can use the techniques in every walk of life, not only on the job but everywhere you go. If you have an Trainer like John you can learn a whole lot. I recommend every company get this class because it can really help teach you things you never thought about. Now I can feel safe I know how to control myself as being a craft employee and out side the job also!"

Marjorie Molone – Mail Handler, Outbound

"This course is very important to any business or institution because of different personalities, situations and attitudes. So many times people tend to hold stuff inside until it over flows like a volcano. With me being able to observe and identify types of aggressive behavior and body language maybe I can help someone in my workplace and prevent an injury or altercation. I enjoyed it very much. Thank You."

B. J. Hughey – Maintenance, SMO

" I liked best Being Prepared because it taught me how to identify and manage troublesome personalities, ‘The Unmagnificant Seven.’"

Jim Rounsavall – Mail Handler

"I hope I will never need this knowledge – but if I do I feel this course will save my butt, both physically and professionally."

Jerry Hall, Sr. – Mail Handler

"It meant a whole lot to me. I learned how to attempt to reason with an aggressor and different ways to escape an aggressor without being harmed."

John Devaul – Mail Clerk

"Hope! for our world to live in Peace through knowledge, empathy . . . an answer to a problem all over the world. Everyone needs this, young and old."

Mary Collins – Distribution Clerk

"I always felt that I was in control. Now I have other skills learned in this class. I feel that if a situation arises I am prepared to handle aggressive situations."

Distribution Clerk

"The best part of the course was the presentation. The material was thoroughly covered and understandable."

Verna Burrow – Computer Operator, Senior

"This course showed me that I can handle or have the ability to handle a hostile employee and supervisor. I am no longer helpless or by myself. There is always a professional way to handle every situation. Also, I have never really paid attention to others’ body language, so I am no longer tunnel-visioned."

Rick Summers – Supervisor Maintenance Operations

"Very good basis for further training/education. I feel more confident in handling situations, but feel that more education is warranted by this subject."


"This course will enlighten the Aggression Manager to see how he will react to situations and try to defuse them."

Patricia Hobson – Mail Handler, MTEC

"This course gives you a lot of lessons on how to make it in everyday life, at work, at home, and around people everywhere."

Patricia Herron – Clerk / APWU Steward

"As a labor (union) representative I often face employees and managers who must interact in disciplinary actions. It becomes my task to mediate the aggressive behavior as well as enforce the stipulations of my labor contract. This course has afforded me the tools to better recognize when these individuals and situations become explosive. I shall utilize these skills to serve both the union and the community."

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