In today's workplace, we are increasingly confronted with the potential for violence, bullying, discrimination, sexual and other forms of harassment, and other serious behavioral issues.

Robert E. Nesbit, Program Manager, USF OTIEC announced this new relationship saying:
Aggression Manager Training
Sponsored by
USF OTIEC's sponsorship includes:
• awarding Certificates of Successful Completion jointly with the Center,
• assistance in publicizing the availability of this training,
• administering the CEU credits program,
• providing logistical support for the training.
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Center for Aggression Management
"Because we believe this training will help organizations prevent these problems, as part of its mission to enhance the safety of the Nation's workplaces and campuses, we are pleased that the:
University of South Florida
OSHA Training Institute Education Center
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more info on:
now sponsors Aggression Management Training by the Center for Aggression Management."
We are extremely pleased and thankful for the sponsorship of the USF OTIEC.
Individuals that complete this training will:
• Become more effective, efficient, and proactive in preventing discrimination, abusive language, bullying, sexual harassment, assaultive behavior and workplace violence,

• Reduce the tremendous costs and loss of productivity and reputation resulting from these issues,

• Significantly reduce risks of the damaging impacts on costs, morale, productivity, employee retention, income, and reputation that would result from even one very serious incident,

• Benefit because your new capabilities to manage emerging aggression will transcend the mental health, social, political, or economic root causes of the aggression that impacts your organization's safety and productivity,

• Benefit from improvements in the coordination, effectiveness, and efficiency of management, behavioral intervention, threat assessment, human resource, and security teams as they proactively prevent the problems caused by aggressive behavior, and

• See dramatic and immediate benefits that will return your investment many times over!
By learning to identify and stop aggression as it emerges - before the aggressor reaches the violent crisis stage - you can make your environment much safer, more productive and rewarding for yourself, your co-workers and your organization.

Aggression Manager training is appropriate and very valuable regardless of your experience level. All individuals involved in behavior intervention, threat assessment, human resources, security, management, customer interaction, and leadership will benefit and grow from this training.

Individuals attending Aggression Manager training will learn how to recognize aggressive behavior as it emerges, assess the level of threat, proactively determine the appropriate level of response, and use powerful techniques to productively manage the situation.

Individuals can train to the level of Aggression Manager through our 2-day program or continue for a 3rd day to learn the skills of a Senior Aggression Manager.

Benefits for the Individual
Benefits for the Organization
• Learn very valuable new information through in-depth presentation of information, lively discussion and compelling training exercises,

• Possess an entirely new set of knowledge and skills for preventing the challenges that arise from aggressive behavior in any setting,

• Earn CEUs and a Certificate of Successful Completion awarded jointly by the USF OSHA Training Institute Education Center and the Center for Aggression Management,

• If you choose, participate in our optional credentialing program, and

• Enjoy a wonderful training experience in the Winter Park/Orlando, FL area.
Aggression Manager Training
Organizations that undertake Aggression Manager training will:
Winter Park is a small community just north of Orlando, Florida that offers a quaint European village feel and immediate access to all of Orlando's attractions (Disney World, Universal Studios, shopping, area beaches, and much more).
Learn All about the Critical Aggression Prevention System - CAPS
For all organizations, providing Aggression Manager training to key management, behavioral intervention, threat assessment, human resource or security personnel will yield tremendous benefits. These individuals will be able to use their ability to recognize and assess aggressive behavior and effectuate or direct appropriate responses in time to prevent issues from reaching more advanced, damaging stages.

The Aggression Manager is a central part of
CAPS - The Critical Aggression Prevention System. For many organizations, implementing CAPS will provide tremendous additional benefits in moving toward the "Safest Possible Organization!" CAPS will provide additional knowledge, skills and systems that will make your management, behavioral intervention, threat assessment, human resource and security teams dramatically more proactive and effective in preventing violence and these other damaging behavioral issues.
The Key to Prevention:
Equipping Your Organization to Effectively Recognize and Manage
Aggression -- As it Emerges, Before Reaching the Crisis Stage
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