Riots in Iran, How to Stay Safe!

If you are participating in the riots in Iran, please be mindful of the difference between truly angry, frustrated and fearful participants (shown on the right) versus those individuals (shown on the left) who intends to do harm.

 The person on the right is a Primal (adrenaline-driven) Aggressor, and in the extreme, can be lethal, but most typically can be diffused; whereas, the person on the left is a Cognitive (intent-driven) Aggressor and is very lethal. 

 The person on the right is typically full of adrenaline and is red-faced.  Alternatively, when a person rises to the level where their intent is, they are prepared to give up their lives for a cause, like a combatant or terrorist, their body responds to this intent by losing animation.  You will see what the military refers to as the "thousand-yard stare." Yet, it is more than this. Their whole body and behavior loses animation.  It is referred to as the "walking dead."

 Keep your eyes out for the person on the left and stay away from him, her or them.

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