Dr. Rick Allen

Consultant, Psychologist

Rick Allen, Ph.D. is a California Licensed Psychologist with special expertise in three areas. These areas are in workplace violence, disaster and trauma prevention and post incident interventions and organizational consulting.

            Rick has undergone the senior trainer certificate program in Aggression Management. Prior to joining this program Rick’s experience in workplace violence included working on a workplace violence assessment and intervention team. He has consulted with organizations about the development of workplace violence policy and prevention programs and has trained mental health professionals in workplace violence assessment and intervention, Rick has worked in the criminal justice field and his doctoral dissertation research was on reducing aggressive behavior.

Rick has significant expertise in disaster and trauma mitigation. He worked at Respite Center 3 as a Red Cross Disaster Mental Health Team Lead and has provided or organized psychological services following: shootings, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, fires, tornadoes, and other traumatic incidents. He has worked with emergency personnel, survivors of traumatic incidents, and hostages.

Rick has conducted research on traumatic stress reactions, and on trauma and its effects on parents and their children. He has edited the Handbook of Post Disaster Interventions and has written articles on treating trauma, organizing mental health services after a traumatic event and has developed a children’s traumatic stress assessment scale. Rick has presented on disaster response at international and national professional association meetings.

            The third area that Rick has expertise in is organizational consulting. He has worked with organizations to develop effective work teams, resolve conflict, deal with difficult customers and improve the psychological climate of the organization. He has worked with managers to define organizational structure and has provided executive coaching.  Rick has published on assessing organizational climate and the factors that influence the psychological climate of organizations. In Rick’s organizational, workplace violence and trauma consulting he uses a systems approach to assess the interactions between all of the organizations systems-staff, management, clients, economic stakeholders and the community. This assessment is then used to formulate interventions that create synergy between these systems.