As Manager, Training Specialist for a major metropolitan postal district, responsibilities encompass management of all training and development activities for the performance cluster  (14,000 employees); functional and behavioral instruction is provided for all management, administrative and craft employees. 

Professional training has consisted of thirty-four years of diversified, human resources, business management and educational experience. 

Educational credentials consist of an M.S. in Applied Behavioral Science, Johns Hopkins University, the B.A. in Public Administration, Northeastern Illinois University, coupled with a series of certifications ranging from team and group facilitation, measurement and evaluation, neurolingistics programming to team and group facilitation. 

Some career highlights include:


SEP. 1995-        MANAGER, TRAINING            -            Chicago, Illinois

MARCH 2000  Manage all training activities for Chicago Performance Cluster (14,000 + employees), which include functional and behavioral instruction for craft, administrative and managerial employees.   Design curricula, deliver seminars, workshops and conferences via 5-person professional staff and 20 member support staff.

SEP. 1993-        CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT SPECIALIST         -        Chicago, Illinois               

SEP. 1995          Developed, validated and implemented courses within approved education, plus training curricula & programs. 

Employed principles/techniques of adult learning, small group processes and organizational dynamics.  Demonstrated ability to develop & validate methods used in management training, inclusive of written communication to prepare training & development materials.  Conducted organizational development activates in conjunction with requested services following proper needs analysis. 

SEP. 1991-         MASTER INSTRUCTOR      -        Potomac, Maryland


Facilitated and delivered management development program consisting of courses & activities to enhance knowledge of management practices, behaviors, systems and processes.  Skills used: administering and interpreting instruments for personality values, creativity, leadership and performance.   Goal setting, adventure learning, team building; Courseware in areas of managerial coaching, managing a multicultural work force, creativity, risk and innovation and ethics and values for managers were delivered to approximately 3,000 senior level managers and executives.

NOV. 1983-        POSTMASTER        -        Birmingham, Michigan

SEP. 1991        Directed and managed large suburban post office of 250 employees engaged in processing, distribution and delivery of mail to 150,000 customers.  Responsible for $ 16 M budget and generated $ 19 M  in revenue.  Participated in variety of civic and service organizations.

SEP. 1981-        INDUSTRIAL ENGINEER and DISTRIBUTION PROCEDURE SPECIALIST             -         Chicago, Illinois

JAN. 1983        Developed and implemented production control system to identify and eliminate non-productive work hours in the processing and distribution of mail for processing plants in 13-state area.   Reviewed, analyzed and corrected all mail processing operating plans within the region.

JAN. 1979-        MASTER INSTRUCTOR.  [Mail Processing, Bulk Mail Center & Mid-Level Management]        -        Oak Brook, Illinois

SEP. 1981-         Facilitated learning teams of 10-20 initial and mid-level newly promoted supervisors and managers, to provide technical analytical and interpersonal skills for more effective performance.  This was accomplished using teambuilding and group dynamics techniques, flip chart presentations, video observation, critique and role play of various scenarios.  Curriculum development in areas of basic supervision, performance appraisal, leadership, negotiations and motivation were part of this training system.


1994        JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY        -        Baltimore, Maryland


1982        NORTHEASTERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY        -        Chicago, Illinois

B.A.      -            PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION


Meyers Briggs Type Indicator Certification

Kirton Adaptation/Innovation Certification

Human Effectiveness Certification

Edge Learning Institute

Team and Group Facilitation Skills

Adventure Learning Team Building Facilitation Skills

Analytical Skills in the area of Values Models

Computer Literate

Neurolingistics Programming Practitioner Certification

Instructional Design Certification

Measurement and Evaluation Certification

Alternative Dispute Resolution Certification