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Feedback Regarding
Aggression Management Training
for Central Ohio Trauma System (COTS) members

March 2012
Scientifically Validated to Reliably Prevent Violence
The Value in Our Client's Words
This course is absolutely essential!

John Crutchfield
Director of Safety and Security
Madison County Hospital

This course offered a new way of thinking -- truly preventing, rather than simply reacting to aggressive situations and behaviors.

I believe this training is extremely valuable for hospitals, healthcare organizations and other institutions as a method of preparedness.

I believe this course represented NEW information for attendees. Additionally, there were numerous exercises and role plays that greatly reinforced concepts.

Jendy Dunlop
Critical Incident Response Planner
Central Ohio Trauma System (COTS)

I liked best knowing the difference between Primal and Cognitive Aggression. I did not know there was a difference.

Joe Amicucci, Captain
Dept. of Protective Services
Grady Memorial Hospital

Very comprehensive program in the science and understanding of emerging aggression -- Threatology -- this program assists organizations in assessing potential problems of Workplace Violence before Workplace Violence would occur!!

Mike Angeline
Director, Safety & Security
Mount Carmel Health System

I have taught CPI classes for years, but this class gives a new fresh look on agressive behavior and how to deal with these situations. I really enjoyed the two different types of aggresion, Cognitive and Primal.

Josh Bandyberry
Safety/Security Officer
Marion General Hospital

I teach Defensive Tactics, Crisis Prevention and Behavior Management and this is another great tool in helping with aggression. I really like the program and it gives more tools to handle situations before they become a major issue.

Simply Awesome! Thank You.

Brett Bennett
Supervisor, Safety & Security,
Marion General Hospital

This works for professionals and nursing, security, officers, everyone!

I liked best the way it changed my way of thinking. I have been a police officer, a security officer and now in safety so you get preconditioned to think a certain way and you shut it off to that.

Now I have a fresher look.

Carla Johnson
Program Coordinator, Dept. of Safety
Ohio State University Medical Center

Acknowledgements: All comments on this page are used with the gracious permission of the individuals noted. We thank these individuals and all other customers for their input and comments. Titles, positions, and organization names are noted to provide perspective. However, their organizations have not officially endorsed the Center for Aggression Management or its services and products.
The Arts of Aggression Management Course is an excellent course. Having a structured and systematic approach to recognize and manage aggressive behavior is valuable for the hospital environment.

Joe Tulga
Director, Safety & Security
Marion General Hospital

I attended this course intending to gain knowledge and insight regarding Aggression Management to assist hospitals and other healthcare agencies to deal with and mitigate aggressive behavior. However, I gained much more.

This course exceeded my expectations and not only provided me with the knowledge, but provided me ways to identify aggression both personally and professionally.

Kelsey Blackburn
Disaster Preparedness Resource Planner
Central Ohio Trauma System (COTS)

I have been dealing with aggressive people for nearly 30 years. I could have done a much better job had I had this information and skills taught me in this course.

Tim Jones
Lead Safety and Security Officer
Marion General Hospital

I liked best the ability to identify my own aggression in conflict.

Wally Burris
Safety & Security Operations Mgr.
Mount Carmel West

I liked best understanding of Aggression Management; better understanding of levels and stages, and how to respond. This information is powerful!!!

Sheryl Clinger
Interim Director of Operations
Nationwide Children's Hospital

This course gives us the ability to understand the types of occasions and the tools needed to deal with such situations effectively. It is imperative to remain calm and the techniques of cycle breathing is terrific. I like best the body language and Unmagnificent Seven; I can apply them daily in my position.

Missy Clum
Employee Relations Coordinator
Fairfield Medical Center

This course cuts to the chase with helpful guidelines and knowledge.

Every Staff member who works in healthcare needs to be required to take this class!!

Tony Cox
Supervisor, Safety and Security
Diley Ridge Medical Center

This class brought new techniques to enjoy in creating an army to teach as First Observers to see things and call in aggressive behavior increasing day to day productivity.

Jason Decker
Shift Supervisor
Mount Carmel East

We always look forward to input from our clients after completing a training program. We hear many recurring themes.

Sometimes, our clients open our eyes to how to better train, for which we are very thankful.

Most of the time, they express better than we can the value of the training we provide in the context of the challenges they face in their daily efforts to keep their workplaces, campuses, churches, and hospitals SAFE!

Below is a sampling of the comments recently received after a training program.