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Acknowledgements: All comments on this page are used with the gracious permission of the individuals noted. We thank these individuals and all other customers for their input and comments. Titles, positions, and organization names are noted to provide perspective. However, their organizations have not officially endorsed the Center for Aggression Management or its services and products.
It is important to us, and we believe to you, to know that the Aggression Management programs offered by the Center for Aggression Management are realistic and game changing.

The training we deliver is consistently met with tremendously positive feedback. We hear the following results repeatedly:
Lawrence Township Public Schools

"As a school superintendent, students, staff and parents look to me to provide a safe environment.

The Aggression Management program has provided me with a systematic method for laying out a proactive plan for prevention.

I would rather be spending our resources and time in prevention than in reacting!“

Assistant to the V.P. for Student Judiciary, Safety & Compliance

“There are several courses that are taken that are interesting, but the contents dissipate over-time. This course is deeply rooted in reality and provides a multitude of aspects that can be immediately incorporated in to one life for the betterment.

I liked best the concept of continuous documentation; development of your script equates to ‘artwork’ created refined and reviewed; in addition the clearly defined steps for diffusing the aggressor.”

Executive Director of the Center for Counseling, Advising, & Academic Support

“The Art of Persuasion provided practical examples of how to interview effectively.

I liked best how to train others to use common language regarding observable behavior re: aggression becomes standardized.

This course provides a very comprehensive introduction to how to use Aggression Management Strategies."
Chief of Public Safety

“This program brought campus departments together to formulate a common dialogue of practices in handling, identifying and preventing aggressive behavior.

This training should be ongoing. Periodic training and evaluation of the team’s progress; also to establish a training segment for Qualified Responders [now called Aggression Managers] or First Observers.”

Director of Student Life and Recreation

“I liked best the common language.

I really appreciated using neuroplasticity, neuro-linguistic programming, biology and adult learning to establish the principles behind the training - Excellent!”

Director of Students with Disabilities, Office of Student Service & Disable Student Programs

“This course has opened my mind to a whole new world of communication.

Whether with my spouse - children - church members - co-workers - students - people in crisis - strangers at the super market line or at the Laundromat - this course has the tools necessary to help anyone in any situation.

Before the escalation of a simple argument, the tools learned in this course will prove to be invaluable.”
Below is a sampling of comments from individuals that have experienced our training.
... New material
... New way of thinking
... Powerful
... Realistic
... Rooted in reality
... Preventative
... Proactive
... Defensible
... Game Changing
... Systematic
... Common language
... Invaluable tools
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