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The Center for Aggression Management
helps you prevent such issues as workplace violence, bullying, verbal abuse, sexual and other forms of harassment, discrimination, militancy, and even terrorism by providing training and systems that prepare individuals and organizations to recognize and stop aggression
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Center for Aggression Management
as it emerges --- before the crisis stage is reached.
We offer two ways for organizations of all types to dramatically improve safety and productivity by advancing their effectiveness in preventing these issues.
Aggression Manager Training
2 and 3 Day Programs delivered by our founder and sponsored by the University of South Florida's OSHA Training Institute Education Center - or USF OTIEC
CAPS - the Critical Aggression Prevention System
Webinar Training for Aggression First Observers and Aggression Managers, plus the Meter of Emerging Aggression Software Service
For all organizations, providing Aggression Manager training to key management, behavioral intervention, threat assessment, human resource or security personnel will yield tremendous benefits. These individuals will be able to use their ability to recognize and assess aggressive behavior and effectuate or direct appropriate responses in time to prevent issues from reaching more advanced, damaging stages.

For many organizations, implementing
CAPS - The Critical Aggression Prevention System will provide tremendous additional benefits in moving toward the "Safest Possible Organization!"

is very affordable and practical to implement. CAPS will provide additional knowledge, skills and systems that will make your management, behavioral intervention, threat assessment, human resource and security teams dramatically more proactive and effective in preventing violence and these other damaging behavioral issues.

With CAPS, your organization will achieve the consistent observations, assessments, communications, responses, and documentation that are needed for these teams to maximize prevention, avoid wasted time and expense, and reduce liabilities related to failure to react appropriately or in time to prevent a tragedy.
An individual must move through a recognizable Aggression Continuum on the path to causing workplace violence, bullying, verbal abuse, sexual and other forms of harassment, and other damaging issues you strive to prevent. This is true of the person that becomes the adrenaline-driven, red-faced, ready-to-explode "Primal" aggressor. This is also true of the often missed tactical, intent-driven "Cognitive" aggressor who too often becomes the mass shooter or terrorist. This is also true regardless of the root cause driving the aggressor's behavior.

The Center for Aggression Management has developed the knowledge and skills you need to recognize
aggression -- as it emerges, which will allow you to intervene before the crisis stage is reached -- that stage where violence and catastrophe occur! This knowledge and skill set applies to both the Primal and Cognitive aggressor and transcends the mental health, social, political, or religious root causes of the aggressor's behavior.

With these skills,
your prevention teams will be equipped to be truly effective and proactive in preventing the violence and other serious behavioral issues that are plaguing our workplaces, campuses, schools, hospitals, religious settings, and other organizations today.
The Key to Prevention:
Equipping Your Organization to Effectively Recognize and Manage
Aggression -- As it Emerges, Before Reaching the Crisis Stage
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